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Roman Zakrzewski was born in 1955 (Poland). He attended the public secondary school of fine arts in Bielsko-Biała. Then he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he received a degree from Jerzy Nowosielski’s studio in 1985. Since he was very young, the artist has shown interest in portraits, which have become the main theme of his artistic work.

„ In painting I’m looking for simplicity and harmony as well as the spiritual beauty of a human being. Naturally, there are certain ideas that inspire me, certain masters that I admire such as: Leonardo, Rafael, Botticelli and Modigliani. The works of these artists have shaped my attitude towards art. Beauty that they strived to achieve in their works has also become my aim and it has given the meaning to my artistic work. I believe that it is God’s intention that artists should create beautiful things, and it is every artist’s responsibility to protect the highest ethical and esthetical values and promote them in contemporary reality. ”
„ Only God is a genuine artist. He created beauty out of nothing. Artists must search for inspirations.”
Roman Zakrzewski, 2010.


Participation in joint exhibitions and charity auctions in Cracow, Rzeszów, as well as in Germany, Belgium, and the USA. The paintings are part of private collections in Poland and in the other parts of the world including the USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan. More information about the exhibitions ( catalogues, downloadable pdf. ) can be found here   → Exhibitions

Major exhibitions: